The Vampire is a 3 star monster card in Welcome To The Dungeon that can be obtained in normal and gem card rolls. It's element is Fire and Dark.

Description Edit

The Vampire is a man with pale skin and a purple cloak. He wears brown shoes and has red eyes. His hair has two points with a drop in the middle, and he has visible sharp teeth.

When the Vampire is level 1, his stats are:

  • 5040 Health
  • 664 Damage
  • 95 Defense

The Vampire's max level is 58 and his special attack is "Leech" which heals the Vampire for 600 HP when the Vampire is level 1.

Trivia Edit

  • In most mythology, vampires are creatures that are humans, but are thirsty for blood. They bite the necks of people and animals, which transform into more vampires.
    • In Welcome To The Dungeon, the Vampire has the Leech attack, but cannot create a new vampire to fight for him.