Welcome to the Dungeon (W2D) Wiki


Hello, and Welcome to the W2D (Welcome to the Dungeon) Wiki! Welcome to the dungeon is a cute, cheeky, and retro-looking RPG game for iOS/Android where you play as the bad guy, setting up monsters in dungeons to fight invading heroes!

>>> Editors are wanted! If you like W2D, help us by adding to this wiki! <<<

Way(s) you can help this wiki:

  • Pages for all of the Monsters are greatly needed! A template page will be up soon. For now, the Mummy page should be used for reference on the infobox.
  • Fix any spelling errors you can find, and help add some photos to make pages visually appealing.
  • Add more detail to pages, we don't want them to be vague.
  • Create templates or recommend already existing templates for pages. We have a basic page setup now! No more problems at the moment with this.
  • Add game-related photos. We need to show everyone what they can see in-game!
  • Find first-time quotes for all "events". We need them.
  • Tell your friends about this game and this wiki!
  • Adding extra info to these pages.

Community Note(s):

  • The Mummy page is the first page on this wiki to use the current page format for monsters!
  • Pages will start to be merged with eachother soon if there isn't wnough content for them.