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Question: Why does my game keep crashing?

Answer: This bug is pretty random, and there is no definite known cause. DO NOT delete or uninstall the app unless you have backed it up, since you'll lose your progress.


Question: How do I summon?

Answer: Go to the "Summon Tab" (The one above the "Cards" tab, or the button below the "More Tab")

Question: How can I get 5 and 6 star monsters?

Answer: In the summon tab, choose the "Surperior Summon" (40 jewels, Amazon only) or the "Rare Summon." (5 jewels on Amazon, 40 on Android/IOS.)

Question: I didn't get the monster I wanted, can I get a refund?

Answer: The summoning feature is more or less gambling, so if you don't get the monster you like, then there are NO REFUNDS.


Question: Can monsters evolve?

Answer: As of yet, no. All monster are available via summon (I think) and are summoned as-is.

Question: What are the rarities of monsters?

Answer: Monster rarities range from 1 star all the way to 6 star.

Question: I got an Eyeball or Pink Eyeball... What do I do with it?

Answer: Eyeballs and their counterparts are used for fusion only. You can use them in squads but I wouldn't recommend it.

Question: Are monsters perma-killed?

Answer: No, monsters are not perma-killed.

Question: Is there a max level for monsters?

Answer: Yes, but it depends on the type of monster and it's rarity. The current maximum level for monsters is 99.

Question: Are there ways to make my monsters' stats higher?

Answer: The only way to increase a monsters' stats is to level it up.

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