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Elements are used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of Heroes and Monsters.

The "Power Wheel" is used to determine strengths and weaknesses.

  • Fire beats Tree.
  • Water beats Fire.
  • Earth beats Water.
  • Light (heroes) beat monsters of any element.
  • Dark (monster) can surpress Light element.


Enemy heroes come in each element except for dark.

  • Fire Hero
  • Water hero
  • Earth hero
  • Light hero


Monsters come in every element except for light.


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  • Usually comes as a secondary element.


  • Monsters/heroes that have "superior" elements to the enemy (Ex: water monster vs. fire hero) will strike first.
  • Monsters with dark elements always strike first (not even light heroes can go first in this case), except for heroes with element superior to that monster. (Like a fire hero vs. a leaf monster.)
  • If the monster and the hero have the same element, then heroes strike first if the monster does not have dark element and vice versa.