The Demon's Spin works like a slot machine. It is responsible for choosing the enemies and events you will face in each round or the number of coins you may get without having to fight agains any troop.


The possibilities are:


  • FIRE-type hero (Troop)
  • WATER-type hero (Troop)
  • TREE-type hero (Troop)
  • LIGHT-type hero (Troop)



  • 100 coins
  • 500 coins
  • 1000 coins
  • 1500 coins


The Demon's Spin will choose randomly between 3 Troops, 2 Troops and one Event or a combination of 3 possibilities of coins.

It is rarer to get the coins at the Demon's Spin than the other two possibilities. If you get 3 or 2 different amounts at the Spin, you only receives the total of the quantity shown, but if you get 3 same amounts, you earn 10x the total.

The level of the Troops are chosen at random according to the castle and the world where you are fighting. The aspect of the troops and also the strength of each aspect vary with the world as well.


Each Event has an specific effect:

  • King: donate to you a amount of coins according to the level of the place you are facing.
  • Princess: offer herself as a tribute to you, turning into a Succubus card.
  • Merchant: offer you the possibility of increasing your monsters' power only in the round that he appears for some coins.
  • Puss In Hat: a special FIRE-type hero that starts at level 1 and gives you 1000 coins when dies for sparing his life. Each time you face him again, he gains one level.
  • Main Hero: a special LIGHT-type hero that starts at level 1 and get one level raised each time that faces you again. When he dies, he tries to convince you to let him live. If you accept, he will give you 5000 coins, but if you refuse, you might receive 5000 coins or a crystal.
  • Priest: enchants the enemy troops and make them bigger and twice stronger.
  • Devil Lovers: "poison" the enemy troops taking just a little of their life away. The poison, in this case, doesn't keep hurting the poisoned troop.
  • Evil Sorcerer: enchants your troops, making them bigger and twice stronger.